Love Me Now!

“I don’t know who’s gonna love you when I’m gone,so I’m gonna love you now” Those are some of the lyrics of John Legend’s “Love me now” song which I looove! Goodness! I don’t have a favourite of John Legend’s because I always cry to every love song, “All of me” will forever be an ages, timeless love song, “You and I” I think I sing everyday lol “Sure fire” is humming in my head haha! We love you John Legend!

I was caught up in one of my thought patterns, I was just thinking of what colour braid to braid next,blue was on my mind and I just said “goodness I’ll be happier that way” then God right there stopped me and said “Why can’t you be happy now?” To make it funny he made me sing love me now that particular line to myself lol!! PS: God is the Lord Jesus Christ who is the HolySpirit. Nowadays everyone has weird notions of who they think God is,so it’s good I clarify even for future posts’ sake.

Anyway why is it that we struggle with being and loving where we are,who we are? And I mean we are constantly changing and learning but why is it so so so hard to be content with our present circumstances without longing for a perceived idea of happiness or relief in the next place or next job or next outfit or next boyfriend or next husband?

Is it because we haven’t learnt to be content?Don’t get me wrong it’s not wrong to desire say * the next* or want to get out of your present situation I’m not saying that,it’s human to do that I believe. But why don’t we just settle and say “I will love me or this now” and be completely fine with it?

Is it linked to self acceptance? Is it that we don’t appreciate our negatives and positives? Are we constantly longing to “become better” and we forget our “bad” is just an opportunity for God to work on and this takes a lifetime so I’ll do myself a favour and just love the bad but also work with God and how he leads me.Hmm…

I just thought about this deeply: God loves me perfectly. This means He doesn’t change his love towards me based on myself. He has seen it all.Even when I sometimes feel He has had enough of me,it doesn’t change HIS LOVE.Then that should be my standard!!! I should love me like that, or atleast try!God wants us to enjoy every single season we are in even the toughest ones and to find peace in them.Ask James and John lol (James 1 tells us to count it all Joy when we go through trials of many kinds,that’s crazy.But God said we are a peculiar people Hahaha so punny! John 16 Jesus says my peace I give to you,not as the world gives meaning a peace that only comes when things go your way or are okay, but as I(Jesus) give.This is possible.

Everyone is going through a struggle of their kind. You’re never the only one who’s overwhelmed with your life.So appreciate yourself even though you desperately want to change. No one is born walking, unless your Johnie Walker or Texas ranger lol!

Write down your greatest struggle. It could be jealousy or hate or unforgiveness or lust whatever.Then as difficult as it may be to face that part of yourself that you don’t address often or give justifications to,and say this aloud *I have this or I struggle with this, but God loves me :)*

That’s feels so good,doesn’t it?It doesn’t justify your sin but it just shows you that inspite of that, God loves you.When we know how much we are loved,we change not because of compulsion but simply because of love.And that ladies and gentlemen is Grace and Love.Quit beating on yourself. Embrace You knowing that God loves you.Rest in his grace knowing He’s a good shepherd who prunes and comforts, leads and guides and disciplines and loves altogether.

From love with Love,

Through me to you,

Okay bye! :O