I wake up

To the ghosts of my past

Haunting me everyday

I try to swim away

But they keep drowning me

In the tears And sorrows of yesterday

I keep trying to fight

To live to see another day

But they keep pulling me

Back to my horrors

And ooh the flaws

The mistakes

The lies I make


From a troubled conscience

An unsatisfied mind

A wondering heart

Troubled peace

Still storms

Rattled thoughts


.Wake up and face your ghosts

You may never get over them

………..But you certainly don’t have to live with them


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Daughter of the king,funny,creative, chic,goofy,compassionate, God-driven lol

7 thoughts on “Ghosts”

  1. I have danced with my ghosts and my demons… We have broken bread, we have drunk wine, they have become family but now I think it’s time I kick them out the front door.. Thanks Joss.


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