How to make tasty doughnuts by Paula’s Happy Kitchen

Hey guys!!Saseni??

So today we are going all out on matters food!

God created all things good and all things food!!Foodies Heey!! I gaaatchuu!! Our chef today is my good friend and sister, Paula 🙂 🙂

Paula makes tasty food! I ate her chapos and I still dream about them!!! Plus she’s super simple! Her recipes are easy to make and very difficult to forget! (See what I did there!! )So let’s get on with it,shall we?

One egg
200 ml farm milk
Two medium cups of flour
One tablespoon of dry yeast.
Three tablespoons sugar
A pinch of salt
Two spoon scoops of margarine
One teaspoon cinnamon
grated lemon peelings of one green lemon,and lastly, cooking oil for deepfrying


Sieve the flour first

Then add the dry ingredients: salt, sugar, cinnamon, yeast

Mix thoroughly. Then add the lemon peelings.

Then add the margarine and mix it into the flour mixture to mash the lumps. Once done, make a small hollow at the centre and beat the egg. Mix throughout the flour.

Then finally add milk bit by bit as you knead the dough. Let it not be too light.

Keep kneading to ensure fine texture of the dough. You can use a little vegetable oil to knead and help the dough stay together.

Once done, cover for 45 minutes for the dough to rise.

Take out your risen dough, flatten it and using circular shapes, cut the bigger circle first then the smaller one on the bigger piece. Heat in preheated deep frying oil.


By the way, I made about 20 doughnuts. Very tasty. We give God all glory

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Au Revoir!! 🙂


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