A miracle from heaven

Good friends are angels without wings Divine friends are angels;with or without wings.
If I were to describe my friends in terms of colour,I’d say she is Yellow:She’s the sunshine in my life,her joy yand enthusiasm is unmatched. She’s also Orange: warm,lovely and welcoming and finally Red: extremely bold and sassy.

I remember last year I was going through a crisis and I was depressed.Depression is very real I’m not saying it to describe how I felt,but how I was I lost weight,felt sickly,was in this ‘hole‘ of some sorta darkness,I felt empty.

What was the problem you’d ask? I felt unsure of myself I felt insecure of myself seemingly because everyone else had it all ‘ intact‘ .Everyone just seemed to be focused and fine except moi(me)

Dont compare yourself!!! Haaaaa!! It’s never that easy.Pray then. This I did,most often in liquid form.Tears.(Psalms 56:8“You have stored my tears in a bottle and counted each one of them”

Let’s just agree that God’s ways are higher than ours.During this difficult time,God brought a miracle along the way.It was difficult as I tried to do everything,I tried doing new things just to ease the uncomfort,but I got frustrated the more.To add salt, I lived alone.Solitude.My thoughts were my companions.I had everyone but I had no one.All that stared at me was my wardrobe,bed,table,books and curtains.They didnt seem to talk(lol)

I will never forget this because afterwards I heard God whisper ‘She is the miracle I brought to you during that time’.I remember I moved in into her place,she fed me,comforted me,was always kind,she saw me cry,she saw me moody,she read with me,she prayed for me and with me,she organized the perfect birthday for me.What did I need? Nothing.I needed that.God’s love through her got me out of the depression.

This is just a tip of the iceberg.There are so many things ,actions that are engraved in my heart of hearts,that are special,talk about the patience and forbearance you have had for me.The forgiveness and willingness to continue being my friend,I don’t take any of that for granted.

So,Mercy Nzisa Mutuku Preepy,I love you very much.You are one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I know the people who truly know you know how incredible you are.I always thank God for you and I always will.

May God bless you.To many more decades of friendship and me calling you ‘kamum’and you sending me awesome PDFs and links!!!! Love ya!!! 🙂