Well,I’d like to think of myself as a sweet natured,kind,caring and loving person; thoughtful. Well,I am.I’m not blowing my own trumpet 🙂 but ideally this is what people say about me. Thankyou all.

This is a gift from God. Well most of the times I try to be someone else, less caring, less sensitive but to no avail 🙂 I’ve always admired tough people, but I’m coming to terms with accepting that God made me this way for a reason and a purpose, the chief one being for His glory

Well,most times I’m busy thinking of others, Molly needs new shoes, Amanda loves surprises, It’s Theodore’s birthday next week and he’d love a motorcycle, Christa loves sweet encouraging texts.I don’t do all these to gain attention. The motive behind is always genuine concern and love for the person

However it can get frustrating

Recently as I was doing chores, the HolySpirit put this in my heart “BTW,Jos you don’t involve God in those plans.And I was like ” yeaaaaah”that’s why I get so tired sometimes and frustrated because I really carry people’s burdens in my heart.

Most of these ideas weren’t “graced” what do I mean? God didn’t supply the strength needed,resources et al because simply He wasn’t there in them.God is omnipresent but not in everything.

Actually most times, we get tired because we haven’t sought God’s will. With grace comes everything we need to do what God wants us to do.Yes, everything. God’s grace is sufficient meaning enough, not lacking, just enough.

Since I’ve learnt this,I ask the HolySpirit for anything, going to the market to buy some nice tops I saw,even buying movies,what to do and He has been very faithful. So believer ask God.My best friend who I thank God for told me this

Seek God’s will in every thing, both small and big.
Have a graceful day and week ahead


I don’t want to be rich or famous

Just recently I discovered that I wanted to be rich and famous for all the wrong reasons.I mean,who doesn’t love the attention, the pomp and the glam associated with fame?It’s a good feeling to be among the high and the mighty,I myself would love that!!!But the big question is,what is it anchored on?

That brings me to success.Most people have associated success with being rich and famous.I’ve noticed an overwhelming craze to appear on television and media stations, especially by the young generation. It’s a bit unfortunate that one would do anything just to be seen or heard.But why is that?Does it mean that if I never appear on TV or on billboards

” then I am not striving enough?” Or that I am least successful?

Pardon me,I love ambitious people, people who strive to get to the top;in the right ways of course. I love resilient people who have defied odds just to be on top of the game. I love goals,infact I’m a planner,I plan for literally everything hehe.Moreover,I’d like to appear on billboards and TV stations.It’s a good feeling.

That leads me to ask,what is success?well,I’m not here to answer that because everyone has their own definition. To some its the cars,houses, to others it’s health and family, good education etc. None is more correct than the other.In all this,ask yourself what the real driving force behind you striving to achieve success.

Do you want to please others,those around you,your peers?

Is it to mask fears such as the fear of failure?

Is it always as it seems?Will it truly make you happy?

Will it cost you a fortune; will you have to compromise your beliefs, your family, friends?

What do you really want?

Whatever reasons there are,there are consequences that come with each.Sometimes its not always about the fruits, its about the roots.Ponder on that.

God bless y’all

Have a successful day

Avec amour (with love)

Jos Nduati