Beauty for Ashes

Tous les mondes!!!!Bonjour!!!!!Bonjour!!!!(heavy applauding, cheers, trumpets)

Heeey Everybody!!!Câva??Oui,çâva.Hehehe (pardon me non French lovers)

 Finally, after 16 centuries and a few civilizations we are back!We’ll I’m the one who’s back technically because I’m the blogger lol,I can’t believe its been that long,anyway, I had missed you guys and ladies 🙂 🙂 Feels great to be back after a long while
First things first, of course

I  had missed you guys a lot, but I went through a dry period where I didnt have anything to write.Yes.I said it ooh!(Awkward silence at this point) 🙂 🙂 so I decided I won’t force myself to write just anything

I took a break and honestly I wasn’t doing any research,writing skills to better myself, noo. I just took a chill pill,trusted in God.I wasn’t really sure what His plans were ,what he had in store,but I just decided I’ll trust Him any who,And I thank God because I’m so hopeful and I feel something cooking up in the belly of my spirit :):) and I know it’s gonna be good!(For we walk by faith and not by sight,2nd Corinthians.

It’s March. The month where we celebrate International Women’s Day,I hope we do so the whole month,women are worth celebrating every single day :)Men, I’m not downgrading you in any way,we are aware of the many roles you play :):)and  tunawaapreciate :):)

I’m hopeful for many things this month and throughout the year,more blogs,stories,encouragements,insight,but I know God is faithful. I trust Him.

  Aside from that,today’s entrée (you’ll have to bear with the French, I love French) I wrote a short piece about girls,who’ve gotten pregnant out of wedlock,those who’ve had to drop out of school, put their careers on hold and those who’ve endured the guilt and pain of being ostracized by family, friends and loved ones.

You’re not alone. I pray these words encourage you and lift you.You’re worth much more than that mistake,that pain.God loves you and you’re still his project and masterpiece.

You’ve endured hurt,pain
You wear lipstick at times, but you wear  the regret more

Together with shame

On other days you let yourself go

You simply don’t care at all

You have dreams,ambitions, hopes

But they lay somewhere beneath the layers of guilt

Sometimes you feel even God has abandoned you

People did talk.Talk is cheap

But certainly their words still linger

Arousing the pain from the yet healed sores

On other days you can barely take it,

The ‘burden’ is too much to bear

Well I have good news,

The fact is you did make a mistake

But the truth is you are not defined by that mistake, neither are you owned by it,

There is hope in Jesus Christ

You don’t have to try anymore

Just let him hold you,embrace you,dust you,care for you and love you once again

Let him take the ashes, and watch them turn into beauty

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