A priceless gem

I remember the first time I met her,I was taken aback by her beauty. Goodness!She is beautiful. Fate then made us meet again and this time I remember I had quite a bad cold, the one that makes you acquire an accent automatically; clogged nose,watery eyes,sneeze kind of cold

She noticed and without hesitation prescribed me ‘the scarf therapy’honestly I can’t remember but it involved a scarf and some warm salty water,the important thing was,my throat would stop being so sore

Fast forward to us being on the praise and worship team in school together, we’d sit at the sopranos bench(soprano bench had the coolest peeps btw)and really chat and share jokes, problems, prayer points among others

One thing was so different with her.Every time I’d spend time with her I’d feel an overwhelming peace. My heart would really connect and I’d find myself telling her deep things that were troubling me and she’d always do one thing,PRAY.

Did I mention that she was different?Her love for Jesus is so infectious.I remember she’d tell me to talk to Him freely like a friend.And her living her words was just powerful. Her life bore amazing results.

Fast forward again to second year,I remember this time we lived very close to each other,I was so happy. We had a lot of close moments together.One particular one that I’ll never forget is,I was going through a difficult period (it’s a long story) and I was so distressed. I was to lead a concert we had organized,I was the curtain raiser.Apart from the anxiety, I was just so distressed. I remember I went up to her room,told her,she held my hands and prayed for me.She prayed past midnight. I don’t know the last time someone gave up their sleep just for you.She then told me to sleep at her place.

This is just but the many things you’ve done for me.Most times as human beings we are too quick to forget and too quick to judge and condemn the very people who love us.

I love everything about you.From how emotional you are and yet how strong you are.Your chapatis with onions are just the best hehe.(le chapati with sautéed les oignons)You’re very persistent and very purehearted.You’ve rubbed off on me. You’ve seen me at my worst and at my best. Talk about our Friday nights.Tyler Perry should pay us girl.the weekend sleep overs.Sunday mornings, looking all glam as we head to church. Does the term bedsitter ring a bell?hehe.Such moments are priceless.

Ivy Koome I celebrate you.I’m very happy to say that you’re my best friend.If I could write about you I’d come up with the bestseller and we’d be rich, haha,you’d be on the same plane with Morgan Freeman and I with Idris Elba hehe

You’re a really beautiful soul.Our friendship is divine.And on this special day I wish you joy,joy unending and unspeakable. It’ll be one great year for you. You’ll see.I’m looking forward to many more awesome moments with you.You’re a genuine (pronounce jenuiwain with African American accent) soul

You’re that friend that sticks closer than a brother. I thank God for you and Happy birthday my love.Keep lighting the world. Keep shining. Keep inspiring.I love you!!!

Happy birthday best friend!!!!




The other side of the bed

Yesternight I slept on the other side of the bed
Next to her
Where my father should have been
Just so that she wouldn’t feel lonely or afraid

Yesterday I showered her with complements
Of how lovely her hair was
And how beautiful she is
As daddy would have done
Just so she knows

Today I woke up earlier than usual
To fix her some yummy heavy breakfast
And help her out with her outfit
And what shoes go along with it

Everyday I notice little things about mummy
And everyday I wear daddy’s big shoes
But just so you know
I don’t mind being daddy
Because that’s something I’ll always love to do

A tribute to all the single mums